A little bit about us...

At Big Bite Creations we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. 

At the end of the day we all have to eat (or if you're like us LOVE TO EAT.

So we aim to create fun, beautiful and cute kitchen & lifestyle products and designs for our fellow food loving friends and fellow food loving businesses and brands.



We realise that there's a lot of information flying around about certain buzzwords at the moment- sustainability, eco-friendly, organics, biodegradable, natural, reuse, recycle, vegan..



We also realise that sometimes it can be hard trying to decipher what it is we should be doing to help out our poor old environment or even just knowing where to start... 


So we create our designs and products with sustainable and eco-friendly materials where possible and we limit all the bad stuff like plastics, toxic dyes etc where we can. 

And more importantly we try to make them as affordable as we can! 


 We're hoping that by creating some cool products and more sustainable designs we can encourage people to think about the foods they are consuming and the waste they are producing and in turn it might start us thinking about minimising food waste and environmental impact we're having on the planet. 


And for those playing at home some of the services we offer through our creative studio are listed below! 

We also try to keep these services as eco-friendly as possible ;)