Big Bite Creations is a CREATIVE STUDIO + SHOP 

created by Seonaidh Murphy

 The mission of Big Bite Creations is to share our love of art, design, food, drink and travel with others (without leaving too big of a footprint).  

In our CREATIVE STUDIO we specialise in creative branding/marketing and design services.  We usually work with food and event based clients however, if you think we'd make a good match we'd love to hear from you! 

In our RETAIL SHOP we design and source beautiful kitchenware, homewares and gifts that are NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. 

 Seonaidh Murphy is the face (and artist/designer/owner) behind BIG BITE CREATIONS.  She founded the business in Perth, Western Australia in 2013 (previously called Soft Constructions Studios).  It has since evolved from a food obsessed designer kicking around at local markets and operating out of the back of a car and into a more established and well known brand around the world.

We hope our unique goods and services can inspire you to share a meal with your loved ones, cook some delicious food to share with your favourites, take off on a foodie adventure you've been dreaming about and celebrate those special milestones in life! 

  We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with other people and places around the world.  

Feel free to connect if you think we'd make a good match.