At BIG BITE CREATIONS we work primarily with FOOD and EVENTS based businesses (as well as private clients) to DESIGN UNIQUE, CREATIVE and MODERN APPROACHES to their BUSINESS or EVENT needs.  

From brides to be to cocktail bars to festivals we have the creative solution for you!   

We have a wealth of HOSPITALITY and EVENT experience (over 10 years worth) partnered with plenty of ART and DESIGN knowledge and a little creative know how.  We can create unique design, advertising and marketing strategies or products that will set your business or event apart from the rest. 

Some examples of the products and services we provide are-


                                                                             Logo Design

 Branding Packages

Invitation & Menu Design

Commissioned Artworks & Murals

Uniforms & Product Design

Interior & Event Styling/Design 

Food & Event Photography 

Art Direction

Social Media & Marketing Strategies

Chalk, Digital & Painted Signage

Textile & Surface Design



However we love working with new people and are very comfortable thinking outside the box.  

If you have a project you think we can help you with please get in touch.  

We'd love to work with you!